The Future of Water Softening and Filtration is Here!

At US Water Systems, we have been working on the next generation of water softeners and water filters for quite some time and the future is now here.  Beginning this month, we will release the future of water softening and filtration, NOW! Before I tell you about our new releases, let me first tell you what the parameters were on what we wanted accomplish:

  • We wanted a system that was as close to 100% American-Made as possible;

  • We wanted a control that was built to heavy-duty commercial specifications;

  • We wanted a control that did not use the old-fashioned “dinosaur buttons” which could be programmed in 15 seconds and monitored with a Smartphone; and

  • We wanted to make a system that was highly efficient.

Well,  we are extremely excited to announce that we accomplished our mission, and we are releasing nine (count ’em, 9) new Softeners and Backwashing filters based upon our new Waterlogix SmartPhone Technology.  No longer do you have to look at a manual or video to figure out how to set, program or monitor your water softener or filter. You simply download the app on your Apple or Android Smartphone and then anytime, you can program or set the time or monitor operation in about fifteen seconds.

We are happy to announce that this technology will be applied to the following products:

  1. Matrixx Commercial Water Softener
  2. Matrixx  pH Neutralizer
  3. Matrixx Sediment Superfilter
  4. Matrixx Greensand Superfilter
  5. Matrixx GAC Superfilter
  6. Matrixx Catalytic Carbon Superfilter
  7. inFusion Iron and Sulfur Eradication Filter
  8. Bodyguard Plus Superfilter

Our Fusion control has had a good run, but that product is being retired and replaced by the Matrixx Control Valve which is the platform for the inFusion and Bodyguard Plus as well. It is a very robust, commercial-Grade valve and is Made in America.

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